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Hello Everybody !!! Well it been along time since i have been here. :frowning: but i need your help. I just bought a Lite-On 1673 and i flashed it to the new JS05 firmware (no problems). But i need advise on what media to use. Where i live there is not much of a choice, mostly dvd-r so i bought a small pack of 5 TDK 4X dvd-r to play with and they do not work, I guess they have to be at least 8x speed compatible. Our sam’s club carry Verbatim 8X, or should i order something from newegg??? we will break it down to questions to make it easier

1 Verbatim 8x yes or no
2 NewEgg (Which Ones to buy) (only media that works)
3 Booktype 135 all you have to do is click on the executable file (right ???)
my stand alone dvd players play dvd-r ok, but no real luck with dvd+r so booktype should work in theory)

I did find a list of compatible media for Lite-On but not this model#. So I would like to thank everybody for there help, and look forward to you suggestion. Thanks


verbatim 8x should be MCC003 media if they are +r. MCC003/004 are very good media for lite-ons. lite-on drives don’t like -r media. if you buy from newegg, get some verbatim 8x or 16x, Memorex and Philips media (with ricohjpn MIDs) are good, too.
just insert a disc in the drive, start booktype utility and select the booktype. that’s it. the drive will remain the setting.


OK THANKS !!! but what is MCC003 and where do you find that code. also when doing the booktype this should be done with a dvd+r (right) I appreciate you taking your time for a newbie :slight_smile: Thanks


That is the media code for the disc. You can download and run Dvd Identifier which will tell you what the manufacturer’s id is for that disc.FYI right now is offering up to $60 rebates on Verbatim discs ($30 per 100ct.) which can bring the cost down to $.35 per disc.

Follow this link


@ alphapc703
azsunbums link is for -R. the +R link is here
Also my recommendation is for RICOHJPNR01 from newegg

a little pricey today at $43.50/100 delivered, but the price fluctuates often and IMHO they are better than the Verbatims


Ok !!! My wife has informed me i better know what i’m doing and i said NO but you guys do (lol) so i have placed my order. Thank You guys so much, this has always been a GREAT Forum to be in. Thanks (PS I ordered 1 from each place)


Thanks for the correction Please. I ordered the +R but grabbed the wrong link and I wouldn’t have wanted to steer him wrong.