Need help with matrix: Path of Neo

Hi, I Recently bought Matrix: Path of neo. I installed everything off the disc onto my computer. its said: “finished Installing” and i restarted my computer after i logged back in to my computer. i clicked on Matrix PON icon to play the game. and it would not play. The prolem i am getting is that, I click on the PON icon and my screen flashes or somtimes a box would appear for a brief time not even half a second and than is goes off, that happens ever time and i have tried this many times and i have also adjusted the resolution on my moniter to see if that would solve the problem it did not, also i thing i have noticed it the system spec is the same for GTA: SANANDREAS but i do not have the problem for that game.

Can you Help? Many Thanks,


Help pls i can play matrix…it says please insert the DVD :((
and i try evrithing