Need help with Making CD Backup




Really new at this. I recently bought Tonka Firefighter at a local department store for my 3 year old son. He absolutely loves the game, so much so that he will even carry the cd around with him. I don’t want the CD to get wrecked, (it costs $40) so I have been tryng to make a copy of it. Unfortunately I have been thwarted on EVERY attempt. I have read a lot in the forums, and have downloaded a lot of programs including Clonecd/Alcohol 120%/ClonyXXL etc… Each of the scans that I have run on the Firefighter CD have come up with no security measures detected, yet I still can’t run the backup CD?? I have followed detailed instructions on how to use Alcohol but have just had no luck whatsoever at backing up this CD? I have tried at least 6 times with different programs and still no go. Could anyone help me out? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!



hmm, well the game isn’t listed @
of course that doesn’t mean itz unprotected though…what make/model of cd burner/s do you have ?


It’s an LG DVD/CD Burner. I don’t have the exact model number. It’s fairly new, maybe 2 months old!


ok, i’ll assume the cd/dvd is working ok for any other task ? your operating system is ? anyway, download Nero InfoTool V2.27 @
run it and find out the make/model and firmware revision of the drive. also, cd/dvd combos are generally crap at backing up games, so this could be the issue


Did you try aray sector scan or scanning the .exe, .dll files using aray or PID in the install directory. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s protected by SecuROM 4.8+ as it is an Atrai game.


Hi, your right. I ran PID and it found SecuROM 4.8+ Is there a way to get around this?? As for info tool it says it is a HL-DT-ST DVD RAM DSA-4081B Firmware version A100. There are no other problems with the burner. I am using Windows XP with SP1. I have backed up may DVD’s for the kids to use. This is the 1’st game I have attempted though.


As you’re using Alcohol or CloneCD you got three options:

1. Use SecuROM 4/5 profile for reading and writing and choose a slow read speed for DPM like 1x. This will result in an emulated copy, so you got to enable RMPS emualtion in Alcohol.

2. Alcohol 120%: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games with no emulation

3. CloneCD: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games

If your backup is running from a burner you’ve got to enable ‘Hide ATIP’ in Alchol or CloneCD. Notice method 2 and 3 are a bit hardware dependant but you’ll have a non emulated copy so the backup should work on every PC. Good luck :).


Well thanks for the help guys. I have tried step 2 and step 3 both to no success :frowning: I am not sure how to enable RMPS emualtion in Alcohol? so I guess I am out of luck with a back up on this one. ( I am not even sure what this whole emulation thing is all about or what it means?) I have now wasted 8 cdr’s and pitched a keyboard at the wall so I am going to call it a night and maybe try again in the a.m.

Thanks again!



emulation = to be like. in other words, an emulated copy has to have help to “say” to the games’ exe “hey dude, i am the real game CD so itz ok to start the game”. try playing the backup copy with the ALL 3 boxes checked in alcohol. note that you do not need to run alcohol in the background - just check the boxes/ok … then put the game cd backup in and see if she runs.