Need Help With Madagascar

Anyone succesfully back up madgascar? i think i’ve tried everything. AnyDVD, CDCheck, Switching the settings in dvd decrypter, trying to save it as ISO, i’ve tried it all. Any suggestions. and also i tried dvdfabdecryptor.

i used dvdfabdecrypter. u might also try vobblanker

I use DVD Shrink AND! had to also use DVD43 (like AnyDVD but FREE!) and got it to work no prob

Thanks guys it ended up being vobblocker that go it
damn walt disney!

I can not get it to work how did you get it to work with vobblanker I get a error

I backed up Madagascar last night with FabDVD decrypter. It works great.

Try the newest version of DVDFab Decryptor availible from or for a direct link, here -->
“Madagascar” has been able to backed up since version in DVDFab Decrypter.
" (11/18/2005)

  • Change: Added support for a new protection as found on “Madagascar” (US). It’s not a Sony movie, but the protection is almost same with Sony ARccOS." From the changelog.
    I am assuming you are trying to backup a region 1 NTSC disc.
    Hope this helps. :smiley:

Hi there

i would recommend Clonedvd2 and Anydvd which i purchased (not very expensive). The trick with the new Madagascar Region 4 here in Australia, is that your burn speed should be set to 4x.

RipGuard somehow affects the burn speed in Clonedvd2 - it reads the original with no problems, its just the burning. It reminds me of copy protected games that would only work when the copy was burnt at a slower speed.

So, insert your original in clonedvd2 and use anydvd (the decrypter), and choose the write speed as 4x otherwise you get a coaster.


As I said in your other thread, I find this to be VERY unlikely…your low burn speeds have absolutely nothing to do with Ripguard. My guess is you have inferior media.


Ive done tests and its nothing to do with the media (TDK DVD-R new range). The RipGuard file structure is different from other protection systems, and requires a lower burn speed (4x) to do correctly, otherwise it fails about half way in clonedvd2.

I even asked slysoft and they said it was to do with RipGuards file structure.


I’d really like to hear from Slysoft on this one as I just find it incredibly hard to believe that the content would in any way interfere with the write speed. This is the first I’ve heard of this. One would think that when Madagascar was released and everyone was backing it up SOMEONE would have mentioned having to burn it at a slower write speed and no one that I’ve seen said anything like that.

Hard to believe. Is Region 4 even protected with RipGuard? I thought it was only used with Region 1.

  1. I know of no RipGuard R4 titles. Sorry.

  2. Ripguard does NOT require a 4x burn speed. I burnt Madagascar at 12x.

This poster is full of crap.

Please see my post here:

Thanks again!