Need help with liteon 16x dvdrom and EAC

I just installed a lite-on 16 x dvd-rom - JLMS XJ-HD166S to accompany
my Plextor 40 max scsi cd-rom and a PlextorWriter 12/10/32s scsi
burner. Exact Audio Copy has worked fine (and still works fine) with
either of the two Plextors but it freezes when I use my lite-on as
the source drive. It allows me to select the tracks but I can not
copy them.

My setup:

Asus cusl2-c 866 PIII
512 ram
WD 100 gb HD (ide)
WD 30 gb HD (ide)
Iomega zip 100 atapi
Creative SB Live audio card
ATI Xpert 128 Rage video board
Plextor Ultraplex 40 Max (scsi)
Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32s (scsi)
Liteon 16x dvd-rom (ide)
Adaptec 2940 wide scsi card
Windows 2000 Pro

Another thing I noticed, I do not have a tab in device manager that
will allow me to change the dma setting for the liteon



Strange you choose to use EAC when Plextor offers you an alternative that has actually been determined to be more accurate, Plextools offers most of the advantages of EAC, it also automatically corrects your offsets for Plextor drives. I really have never had this same problem with my 165H, perhaps it is related to DMA or the EAC configuration? In Windows 2000/XP, DMA mode selection is listed under the IDE controllers, under device manager expand “IDE ATA/ATPI controllers” and under both the primary and secondary channel, under the advanced settings tab change all transfer modes to “DMA if available”

In my opinion EAC + Lame are the best solution for rip audio. The mp3 quality is very good.

But I’ve the same DVD 166S drive and works great with EAC.

Did you run the EAC Configuration Setup after you install the new driver ?
Maybe the problem is here.

I did but EAC freezes. I am thinking of reinstalling w2k and all of my s/w including eac.