Need help with licence key

I bought anydvd in June and have been loving it since. However, I just had a horrible, hard drive failure. I have lost all of my data. I am trying to get back what I payed for. Since I no longer have the email or the key file, I am unable to register Anydvd. Have any suggestions?


#1 Backup your data.
#2 Print/write down important data.
#3 Read FAQ regarding your question:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (from

I have lost my license key. What now?

In exceptional cases we can send it to you again. It’s an enormous effort for us to make a new one, thus it is really an exception. Please use our contact form for key request.
Please make a safety backup of your license key file on a floppy disk or a CD and keep it in a safe place - we cannot replace your license key, if you have lost it!

#4 Contact Slysoft support Here
#5 Do some research before posting questions on a forum.
#6 Never forget #1

I did do the research and found that. I cannot use that form because I do not have the licence #.

Hi :slight_smile:
Try email explaining problem.
support at elby dot ch

Thanks! I will try that.

@ kurtjunk2,

I am sorry but contacting Elaborate Bytes (support at elby dot ch) concerning a lost AnyDVD Registration Key will not accomplish much because the AnyDVD product is not an Elaborate Bytes software product.

I believe it is more appropriate to contact SlySoft (support at slysoft dot com) concerning lost AnyDVD Registration Keys. AnyDVD is a SlySoft software product.

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Hi :slight_smile:
That’s right. I just clicked the wrong address. I’ve got them side by side in the same folder.
My apologies kurtjunk2.

It is inpolite to post email addresses in a way, that every spam robot can pick it up. If you want to post email adresses, please disguise them like “support(at)” or similar.
You can try to post your own email address in a public forum, if you want to see what will happen. I guarantee, you’ll regret it. :frowning:

Or buy a new license. It is not SlySoft’s fault, if you can’t take care of your property. If you lost money on the street, you can’t go to the bank and ask for a replacement either.

Very good point, never thought about that aspect of posting a commercial site link and spam flooding their inbox.
I have been guilty of this many times, I will make it a point not to do it again.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yeah sorry, with hindsight in future will pm individual with any relevant info. I too would like to stress that keys should be backed up & kept in a safe place.

Unless its AnyDVD and CloneDVD which don’t have keys.

Hi :slight_smile:
Have things changed since?

Hello Folks,

I apologize to both Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft for my indiscretion in posting E-mail addresses in the Forum. I hope my indiscretion hasn’t caused Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft Support being flooded with ‘Spam’.

I have contacted the Forum Moderator and asked to have my posting #6 edited to remove the Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft E-mail addresses.

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