Need help with LH-20A1P restoration

i installed a LiteOn LH20A1P487C dvd combo drive couple of days back,
I found it weird that it was burning 16X media at 8X so i upgraded the firmware to KL0M found on the liteon site .after the reboot the drive is detected as type cd drive with the label as DVD-RAM. And the drive now does’nt read and sort of disk. Im kicking myself for not making a backup of the original firmware…

                          Any help with fixing this problem is appreciated...


Welcome, [B]greyharvest[/B]

You can find older firmware verions on the Codeguys site:

I doubt that’s the problem though.

Are you running Vista??

no ,im running xp sp2…

thanx, but i tried the firmwares codeguys had to offer ,still not fixed.

EEPROM isn’t changed ,its only the firmware, i wonder what the problem is??