Need help with LG GSA-H42N

Hello, I picked one these up recently and I’m having problems.

I have not been able to complete a burn of a DVD yet. It almost finishes and then my computer just crashes. The computer literally re-starts. Sometimes it has gone to a blue screen with a “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” message.

Every since this happened the first time my computer just crashes and restarts at random times. It was rock solid before I put this drive it. I did a clean install of windows xp pro a week before putting in the drive.

It shows no problems in device status (in properties). In the nForce 3 250 PATA controller section of device manager I have “Let bios select transfer mode” and Ultra DMA 4 was chosen. It looks like the PATA controller is using IRQ 14 and 15 and there are no conflicts. No other devices are using IRQ 14 and 15.

Anyone have any ideas?


I can not help you but i can tell you the same happen here with a New GSA-H22N.Tried about every thing one can imagine but i still have this “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” and sometime PAGE_FAULT blah blah blah.To bad i like this drive but will have to get rid of it if i dont find a solution.Anyway good luck and if you find an answer please post it here.Thanks.

Roll back to the original Microsoft IDE drivers, uninstall any packet writing software like Sonic DLA or Nero INCD.

After more then a week of hell I just found out it was my cable wich was the problem :o .Worth a try flipcody.

I rolled back driver, still crashed. How do I uninstall INCD in Nero? Do I have to unistall all of Nero? I have Nero 7 Ultra (

Burning DVD with Roxio EMC 9 works fine.

Is Nero and this drive creating this problem? I never had issues with my LG GSA-4163B. I think I would get a different drive before giving up Nero.

If such a crash is caused by software, a device driver (NVidea) or filter driver (INCD) could cause it. In case INCD is installed, I expect it has a seperate entry in control pannel/software. INCD can be uninstalled without harming the nero installation.
Nero itself can not directly cause such a crash.
You might also have a weak power supply or might have touched the RAM sockets when installing the drive.
You should use a 80 wire flat cable and disconnect a second drive while you are trying to get it stable.

I fixed that error on my computer by updating my ASPI drivers

I believe that INCD is only included in the Nero Premium Reloaded. I do not have that package, I do not believe that incd is included with Ultra. If I do have it where is it? I can find nothing in control panel or remove programs relating to INCD.

I have a brand new power supply that is very good (580 watts, 4 12v rails, active PFC):

I believe that I do have 80 wire flat cable to drive but I will check. I will also try disconnecting 2nd drive.



No. InCD is even part of the basic OEM versions. With Nero 6, InCD had to be installed separately. Nero 7 might have a different installer - in that case, selecting “custom install” should allow to chose the components you want.

If I do have it where is it?
Just search your Harddisc for InCD. If you find it in your Program Files folder, then InCD is installed.
I can find nothing in control panel or remove programs relating to INCD.
Then try the Nero entry in add/remove software. Nero’s installer should start and allow you to add or remove single components of the package.

I have a brand new power supply that is very good (580 watts, 4 12v rails, active PFC):
Even a brand new PSU might be faulty. Such happens.


This could be because of unstable memory or a high load on the power supply.
Check memory settings in BIOS and try with an other PSU.