Need help with Laserlock Marathon (Sobotta CD-ROM)

Mission: make a working image from a Laserlock Marathon protected CD.

First of all, ive already read these topics:

I have the exact same software (Sobotta v2.1) protected with Laserlock Marathon:

I read the topics but i still dont know which software (Alcohol/CloneCD) and which options/profile to use. :o Some say use CloneCD, some say use Alcohol. Some say use the Laserlock profile and some say use the SecuROM profile (why use SecuROM if the protection is Laserlock :confused: )
I read on many sites that Laserlock Marathon is the best cd protection and very hard to copy.

Can someone please help?

Laserlock Marathon (or Laserlock Star) is a totally different type of copy protection to that of earlier versions of laserlock (just as securom v. 4.77.0050+ uses a completely different copy protection scheme to that used by all previous versions of securom).

Whilst CloneCD arguably was the best application for copying cds with older forms of laserlock, it cannot successfully copy a cd protected with Laerlock Marathon.

To copy a Laserlock Marathon protected cd you will need to use alcohol with slightly modified securom new 4.x/5.x/7.x (not securom or securom new) settings as it uses a similar protection scheme but with the nasty addition of a cut ring near the outer part of the disc.

As stated, to make an image of the disc, use securom new 4.x/5.x/7.x settings but check also Advanced Sector Scanning and set the ASS jump factor either to 100 or even to 500.

The image should run when mounted to a virtual drive. If not, then try with YASU activated to overcome blacklisting problems.

If you want a physical back-up, burn the image using standard securom new 4.x/5.x/7.x settings and remember to enable RMPS emulation in alcohol’s emulation options before attempting to run the physical back-up copy.

Thnx for the reply :slight_smile:

I already tried those settings, but it didnt work, and i think i know why: my drive (laptop drive) doesnt support Data Position Measurement (DPM).

I didnt tried it yet on my NEC drive, as i everyone says that NEC isnt supported at all…

hi i am new and i have some cd with this protection can any one tell me how to crack it or what is the protection files or any way to break this protection


^ See my post 2 above yours in this thread.