Need help with Jedi Academy disk 2 BWA Help (SecuRom 4.8)

Well, to get to the point, I have tried everything suggested in the guides and I still end up with tons of spikes for my curve, would anyone be kind enough to create a Jedi Academy Disk 2 (SecuRom 4.8) BWA? I got the Disk 1 BWA from this forum (thanks BadReligionPR!) Any help would be much appreciated.

E-mail me and I’ll send it to you


Ok, I sent you an email

is the BWA you sent me of disk 1 or 2?

Are both cds necessary to play the game? If not, you only need a bwa for the cd that is required. The cd that is only used to install can be copied without twinpeak patching by any cd copying program without any special settings.