Need help with Installing Lands of Lore 2 on XP

I need help with installing an old Win 95/Dos game I just purchased called Lands of Lore Gaurdians of Destiny on Windows XP…I have been searching and searching but have been unable to find any help. If someone here can help me or point me in the right direction I will be most grateful for your assistance.


this is a real DOS game? Then you might try DOSBOX:
This is free software. Maybe that helps.


I don’t think it is a dos game cause I remember playing it on Windows 98… I think any ways.

Try Dosbox but be sure to download a front end so You wont have to go through typing commands ext.

This was fun to search! :slight_smile:

First Lands of Lore sites directed me to Westwood.
Since westwood didn’t exist anymore, i was redirected to the company that took them over: EA. And guess what. I ended up on the Command and Conquer: The First Decade webpage! :slight_smile:

After browsing to i found out Lands Of Lore 2 is a Direct X 3 game.

I think the best suggestion would be to execute the file in compatability mode:

Woohoo last night when I got home from work I installed it on my home system …The installation worked great when I explored the CD first and put every file that I was able to on Widows 95 compatability mode. After the sucessful install I searched for a patch and patched the game then went to the Weswood game file and again set every file that I could on Windows 95 compatably mode. I luanched and played with absolutely no problems at all for about 2 hours…I am so happy now that my moolah did not go to waste!! Thanks for all your responces to help me out!!