Need help with installing a program



I downloaded Zonealarm and tried to install it, and then a dialog box opens up and asks me what program do I want to use to open up zonealarm. The zonealarm file I downloaded is an executable file...I always thought I just have to double click an executable file and it will start the installation process automatically. So what do I use to open it?

The downloaded file is"zapSetup3026.exe"
JC! File

Also, whats the "jc file" stand for?

I'd really appreciate any help, thanks.

ketut :confused:


I’d just rename so as delete “JC! File” for the file name and then run the exe.


You are using Flashget as your download manager and the file is not yet complete.


“jc!” stands for “Jet Car!”

Flashget puts .jc! at the end. You can turn it off by going to:

and unticking Use jc! as file extension .


Thanks for the help, apparently it wasnt 100% downloaded, even though"flash get" put it into the downloaded area. I also never knew that “jc” stood for that. It’s really nice to have this forum and help when you need it.