Need help with "insomnia"

tried several times to burn on “FUJI” and on “tdk” the movie INSOMNIA
i am of course using anydvd with oneclick dvd. Have burned about 40 backup dvd’s so far with no problems at all… but this one wont go. It will tranfer to my computer and then start writing. It only burns a small portion of the movie’s beginging with no audio. I have all the options off (menu, extra’s, subtitles) When it starts it says compression 33%. If anyone can help thanks

Insomnia might have same protection as Forgotten. Use DVD Decrypter V3.5.2.0 to rip to hard drive in File mode, later continue with other program that you like. Search the forums on Forgotten, Little Black Book, etc, for more info.

ANydvd should handle the CSS better than decrypter.

how do you figure that?