Need help with img.-file


I have an img.-file which nero refuses to burn, because it claims it is to big. It is only 6 MB too large, however, so I thought I could shrink it a bit in using DVD Shrink. But when I open the file in DVD Shrink it says “invalid DVD navigation structure”, so I can’t shrink the file, and consequently I can’t burn the film.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to solve the problem, and burn the file.

Thank’s in advance

Mount using alcohol 120 and then use DVD shrink.

No, still same problem. DVD Shrink still says that it is an invalid DVD navigation structure. It says that both if i try the option “Open disc image” and if I mount it and then open the disc.

There’s an FAQ over at digital digest that deals with this.
You can find it here.
Have a read and check out solution C.