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First off, I am not very comp savvy. :eek:

I have a PX-760a that I have had for about a year and a half. I have burned maybe 50-60 CD’s and Dvd’s. I can play and watch CD’s and DVD’s with out problem however, I can’t not burn CD’s or DVD’s any longer. I have the current firmware 1.07. I have used Plextools Professional for burning, but the program stalls after I put a blank CD or DVD into the drive. I currently have verbatim CD-R media for burning. This is the same brand CD’s that I have been using, and the one sent to me in the box when I first purchased the DVD burner.

After reading the forum, I came across the thread on how to check your DMA.

After going into Device Manager, I noticed I have two each of the following channels.

Primary IDE Channel
Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel

should I have 2 of each? I have the PX760a that I bought separate from the computer, and a CD player that was pre-installed with the computer.

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By saying that "I have the PX760a that I bought separate from the computer"
Your Plextor is external.
IF so it will be attached to the PC via either USB (most likely) or Firewire (less likely).
Checking DMA (& there are tools to save you all the hassle). Will not have any effect.
In Device Manager (same place as you found the IDE info).
Unistall the USB Controllers/Hubs & let Windows reinstall them.
See if that helps.


If you can read CD/DVD okay, the drive is installed properly and should show up in Explorer as a drive letter and in Device manager as master or slave on the primary or secondary channel. DMA is in device properties.
-Go to DM and open the IDE controller
-Double click on the primary controller. Check ‘advanced settings’ It will list two devices 0/1.
-Check transfer mode. It should be ‘DMA if available’ and DMA 4 for the drive.
-Do the same for the secondary controller

You can also use ‘View by Connection’ in DM to verify the connection. Select under the ‘view’ menu and open all the + boxes. Look for the IDE controller (generally under the PCI bus) and open. The 760A will be listed under the primary or secondary controller.

The first order of business is to run the self test to see if burning is okay. You’ll need a good quality blank disc for cd and dvd and run the self test according to the manual (posted at If the test passes for both, you have some sort of system or app issue.

You can also try burning with Nero CD Speed to verify device detection, interface operation and drive writing/reading capability.