Need Help with HP DVD 640e

I have an HP Lightscribe DVD 640, external drive that is driving me crazy.
When I first purchased it, it worked great for about 6 weeks. Then it began
having problems. It will not burn a complete DVD of any kind. It burns to a certain percentage of the file, depending on the size of the file, and won’t complete the burn. I contacted HP a number of times, and to make a long story short, their instructions necessitated the reformatting my hard drive.
After reformatting, it worked for approximately 2 weeks and then the problem resurfaced.

I’m running XP Pro, SP 2 ( the problem happened with SP 1, too), Using Nero v. 7 ( have tried Easy CD and Sonic Record Now - same problem.) Any help would be most appreciated. Considering this unit is less than 6 months old, HP now wants to charge 40 bucks for tech support, and given their track record, I’v given up on getting assistance from them.


It could be a couple things. How often do you defrag? If you do alot of movies and etc. you need to defrag every now and then. It could be the media. Are you using the same thing as before? If you are have the mid code changed? What media? What firmware and have you updated the firmware?

I’m actually burning data dvd’s for the most part. The firmware is the most recent version, and it happens with every type of media. Uhm, what is the mid code?
I defrag about once every two weeks. I’ll try to defrag more often, but I’m not sure that’s the problem. I added a new firewire port today and it burned two dvd’s before it went on the fritz again. I thought maybe I had a bad port in the old firewire card, but that, apparently, isn’t the case. I’m about ready to scrap this thing and purchase another one and it won’t be an HP.


mid code is manurfactor id. Take for example Sony +R 8x Made in Japan are actually made by Taiyo Yuden

Look through for all types of media and reviews on your specific burner. There is plenty of info there other users comments on the same drive and what people think of different medias too.

marjar, if this your drive than you also can try burn on USB2. :wink:

Media IDentification code can easily be retrieved with DVD Identifier.

Every burn you make is mapped. Nero has a good history logging principles and you’ll find a NeroHistory.log, a readable file in your C:-programs-nero folder.
Search in log for your latest “bad” burn, copy and paste into your next post in

 wraps (#). Don't forget to remove Nero serial number.
Hint, every burn/log starts with your and compu's name.