Need Help with Hot Date

Ok i need a little help backing up a copy of Sims Hot Date
Im using CloneCD and an HP Writer 9500. Ive read the other posts on this game and have tried many different sitting and still the best backed up CD i can manage is one that freezes on the title screen. Anyways here are the settings i am currently trying.

(using hp writer for both reading and writing)
Read: 8x
FES: on
FES: retries 3
software correction

Write: have tried 4x 8x and Max
AWS: have tried on and off
Dont close last session on

I have also used the Betablocker 251 to patch the img file and still cant not get a workable copy. I was able to make a back up of Red Alert 2 with these settings, and i thought both RA2 and Sims Hot Date used SD2. Another thing i noticed with Sims Hot Date and not with RA2 is when i was reading I had read errors at the end of the disk around the 300000 blocks, is this normal for this game?

Hot Date is SD2. Errors should stop around 10K. RA2 was the first title with SD2 - nearly everyting could copy it, even my Ricoh MP7163A.

If you HP is actually a Sony (very common) then AWS will not work & betablocker probably won’t either.

Read at 4x with FES (tick default for the settings & leave them.)
Write at the speed of your writer on certified media

Ok thanks, i’ll try those settings and see what i come up with