Need help with Goldwave

I have a digital recording that has a lot of background noise and I am trying to clean it up so I can hear the person talking on it. I have tried using goldwave but do not have enough experience to filter the sounds properly. Does anyone know how to do this for me or is anyone willing to tell me how to do it with goldwave. If anyone has the time to filter the recording I can send it to you and it would help me out alot.

I don;t know what goldwave calls it, but there is a feature in many programs where you select a noise only sample, generate a profile from it, then the software uses that to reduce the noise. - description of this in goldwave

The critical thing, is to get a good noise-only sample, I’ve tried this out in other programs, and in a contrived example of voice rendered inaudble by PC fan noise, it retrieved low quality but audible voice, while in a recording with some air conditioner noise, it reduced the noise completely without significant damage to the sound.

Personally I use Adobe Audtion. You can download a free 30 day trial, open the wav and use “Restoration” NR and try Auto - usually works for what you need.