Need help with getting dvd-r verbatim to play on my dvd players!

Ok so I am obviously a newbie… I have spent hours trying to learn how to get movies, music convert them and put them on discs for my own personal collection.
I finally figured out how to get downloaded movies…how to extract them…i use winrar and how to get the volumes to run together to make a movie.
This perticular file is ISO I was able to get the movie to play full on VLC media player…awww :clap: finally, and that was both on the computer and after i burned the movie to the disc. The only problem was when i used windows vista (I believe that it is anyway) It burns fine but my LG dvd/vhs player will not play it…wont even recognize it…neither will my disney dual dvd portable car player…both of these dvd players have played burnt dvds and music before. The same brand of dvd too…that and maxwell. I dont know alot about this thing. I have recently learned…so i dont know technical jargle… :disagree: Does anyone have any idea why they wont recognize this? I dont know alot about formats and things but i feel this could be an issue?


Need more info.

Are you using +R or -R Verbatim? Are they the 16x speed single layer disks, or are you using dual layer disks?
What is the make and model burner that you have? What burning speed were you using and which program did you use to burn with?