Need help with Geforce4 ti4600 driver




I am in need of some help. I am running a HP Pavilion a450n with 512 memory. I am also running Windows XP. This machine came with a Geforce FX 5200 video card. As I have read, most of the low, old Ti series, such as the Ti4600 has even better preformance than the FX 5200, even though it was suppose to be an upgrade. I got the Ti4600 because my brother no longer needed his (he upgraded). Anyway, to the problem.

It seems I cannot find the right driver for the thing. I have tried so many, but during the installation of each driver, my screen will go black, then come back 3 times, and then finally complete the installation. After it asks to restart my comp, before I get to the select-a-user screen, the screen goes black again, and after some time, it will maybe flick on the blue screen of death for a second, and restart the comp again.

I have no idea whatsoever of why it is doing this. If someone could please provide me with some help, I would greatly appreciate it.


I never had this problem with the Geforce4 ti4600 but try removing all the drivers using driver cleaner and them reinstall them again.


i will try that, thank you

may i ask what driver version you used?


I ran driver cleaner, and reinstalled a driver. It didn’t work.

Any other ideas?


before you removed the 5200 did you uninstall it from the device manager and revert back to the standard vga driver? if you didn’t you could try putting the 5200 back in and doing this.

my second comp has a ti4600 and it is running forceware 84.xx just fine (I’m sure the newest version would work too, 91.xx I think) you can get forceware drivers from the nvidia website

Edit: forceware 91.xx must be a beta still since 84.21 is still on the official DL page


Nvidia has used unified drivers for some time now.

If you are having problems installing their driver and the above advice doesn’t work then the problem maybe a corrupted windows installation or faulty hardware.