Need help with Gamejack 5 and virtual drive



Greetings everyone.

Over the past couple of years, I have bought Alcohol 120%, which has worked great to play most of my backup’s, but I bought sacred underworld and it came up with the message about it detecting emulation software.

So I unintalled alcohol 120% and was told I could run a backup under Gamejack 5, so off I went and managed to get a discount on the software from a friend who had an offer for it from something else he had bought, so I got it and found out it only has one virtual drive to it.

I read it’s FAQ section and realised now it only has one, but it can use others, but it doesn’t say which ones…

Does anyone know of a program that will create virtual drives that would allow the mounting of the likes of alcohol 120% images and stuff but not be classed as emulating software, then I can use them as a part of Gamejack 5.

I have tried emailing the company of Gamejack 5 but they neigher use or orniment lol.

Thank you in advance.

Rodeisha XxX