Need help with game jack

I tried to copy an xbox game using both gamejack and xcopy.
They both said everything copied successfully.
However, I can’t get the game to play.

Is it suppose to be able to play it on the xbox?

If not, I’d like to know of a program that WILL copy the xbox game to play on the xbox.
After copying the xbox game, it will not play on the xbox (the xbox tells you to get a part to be able to watch a dvd.)
The computer won’t recognize it as a game.

Can someone tell me if gamejack or some other program is out there, so I can copy an xbox game to play on the xbox, just as good as the original?
Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you!

I am pretty sure that you won’t copy a Xbox games with GameJack. It’s also impossible with other copy products… :slight_smile:

u can copy xbox games with alcohol 120% but u need to have a very high quality dvd recordable otherwise the xbox wont read at all. if that doesnt work that there are plenty of tutorials in the web

I am pretty sure that a comp dvd burner will not read a original xbox game, without some tweeks. Ya have to have a modded box and connect the box to the pc.

100% correct!

A PC DVD drive cannot read a Xbox disk. It will read about 16-18mb of video files and thats it. If you really want to back-up a xbox disk, its alot of work but here