Need help with finding video editing software please


I have looked at all kinds and versions of editing software and have read the threads here on the different brands. I am a little overwhelmed at all of this as I’m TOTALLY new to this!

What I am looking for: I have a TRV280 sony camcorder and use digital8 tapes. I need something to transfer whats on the tape to PC, be able to cut out parts a I don’t want and be able to turn it into a DVD for myself and family. Would also like to be able to slow down the video for fast action video or just to make sure the rest of the family see’s something stupid another member has done! LOL. I just got the camcorder a week ago and since have been searching for the software that would fit my needs. I also don’t have a lot to spend (like the $500 adobe or Sony software!).

After some reading, most of you seem to like premier? I was also looking at Sony Vegas movie studio + DVD 6. Would like something for a “beginner” if possible… easy to use.

My PC is XP pro, 1gig ram, mediocre video card and a higher end P4 CPU (sorry at work and can’t remember exactly what it is… thinking 2.4) on board sound card on an Asus P5N32 mobo.


Ulead VideoStudio 11+ fits well with a lot of newbies, and is as robust as they come for “all-in-one” software. It also has a fully functional free 30 day trial. Adobe is equally popular, but may require more of a learning curve. YMMV.

Ulead Studio is a good place to start. Then after you get used to doing all the steps, and want to progress, it isn’t that expensive to buy a one off version of Vegas Video. I’m still using Vegas 5.0, and it is doing anything that I need it to do. Granted, I don’t have HDTV support with that version, but for around $40.00, I could buy additional software and use it for that function only.

The options are pretty much “the sky is the limit”. You just need to decide exactly how much control, and quality you need.

You cannot go wrong with Sony Vegas, I use Premier myself, but all my friends tell me that Vegas is better and easier to use. Like [I][B]harley[/B][/I] say, it is a one time investment and most of these less expensive softwares have a limitation which will sooner or later show and you will upgrade.

I also have Premiere 6.5 (not quite as good as the current version), but it does some things easier than vegas, and some things are more difficult. Both Premiere and Vegas are outstanding products to use. There are others, but these two seem to be the most prevalent, and there are lots of sites with tutorials, forums and support for these products.

Thanks alot for all the information and opinions!! I have looked at most of these and I like all the features of Ulead videostudio 11+ and that if I update my PC and as HD and Blueray become more popular, ulead can grow along with it without buying anything extra.

I haven’t looked to much at Sony Vegas, just briefly, but are you talking about the Pro versions or the movie studio + DVD versions? Just wondering because there is a HUGE difference in price among the two.


I was talking about the vegas 5, vegas 6, and not vegas movie studio. You can buy the older versions for a decent price on ebay. It depends on how indepth you want to get. For average use, Ulead is more than sufficient. If you want to do semi-professional level stuff, or if you just want more options and freedom over your videos, vegas or premiere are the ways to go. I started with Ulead 6 back when it was fairly new, and quickly moved to vegas 5 (when vegas 6 was out). I have never looked back. Just have to warn you that using these semi-pro softwares, take a bit of learning. They aren’t as wizard based as some of the other products. But the results from them are outstanding.


Just buy Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0…


I need a software that can integrate photos into the video stream as well. I would like my video to play then go to a photo slide show, then into another video, etc. I am trying to make a video resume and need the right software. I am very new at this so I don’t know if this makes sense.

Thanks guys for all the help! I decided to go with Ulead videostudio 11+. It seems it will be easier for me being a beginner plus has a rebate deal I couldn’t pass up! They are selling it for 99.98, free shipping and 2 $30 mail in rebates wich bumps it down to $40. Course you have to wait forever with rebates, but hey, that’s a good price! Besides, I can always upgrade once I learn this stuff to a more professional software if I get that far! LOL

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