Need help with finding media and general advice :-O

I am not exactly a newbie to computers but I am not as into actual DVD media and recording as most here so I put this in the newbie section…

Here’s the deal.

I have a NEC 1300A DVD recorder, I’ve had it for 2 years now, and I have recorder about 200 DVDs with it, at first i had a batch of 50 DVD-R discs that are Traxdata Ritek G03 discs, burnt at 4x working great…

Then I got another batch, 25 Traxdata DVD-R also, same dye as the first batch, but they were only recording at 2.4x, most likely due to wacky firmware…

So I got sick of that and tried a batch of 25 Traxdata DVD+R discs that are RICOH R01 dye, some worked at 4x, others just at 2.4x, so I stuck with 2.4x and…

Anyways, enough about that.

The reason why I bought there Traxdata discs to begin with was because back then, I heard the G03 dye was very good, no TY but still… (by the way all the discs I’ve tried so far still read good, only had about 3 that had some read errors :-o )

I do ‘data’ DVD backups mostly… :open_mouth:

Now to the point. I am out of blanks, I cannot find any store that sells these 4x Traxdata DVD-R or DVD+R discs anymore, and I can’t find any place that sell TY discs :expressionless:

I am sorta strapped on cash, so I only want a 50 pack at most… preferably TY media, I live in Sweden so it has to be EU / international. I have no truoble with ordering online as long as the site is ‘trustable’…

Seeing as how my burner only does 4x max I only need 4x media or possibly 8x since 4x is sorta out dated by now.

I don’t care if the discs can be read in dvd players or not I am not into that stuff, I just want a good dye that is fairly reliable for data backup…


Online shop selling TY media (or similar, EU / international shipping), 4-8x, 50 pack spidndle, + or - (which would you recommend ?)

Sorry for the long post lots of BS :-/

I found a few shops, SVP and such, but they only have 100 packs :open_mouth:

gah, my post barely makes sense… god damnit I am so frustrated, I am out of media and am lost in the jungle of online stores and brands :frowning:

help ! :sad:

Oh by the way I found 8x traxadata discs, how is the Ritek R03 dye with the 1300a burner ? :-o

A new burner costs as much as a new stack of discs.

Uhm ? Maybe my post is a little fuzzy, I wanted some advice on what media to get… not buy a new burner, this one works OK for now :expressionless:

But I guess a new one wouldnt hurt, but I dont really need one.

Thanks anywyas

I guess I would suggest trying to find some Made In Japan media. I’ve had mixed success with Prodiscf01’s, and ritek g03’s, but now all I use are verbatim mcc03 and mcc04, and Taiyo Yuden media. All the others have been too inconsistent. One cheaper one I have had some success with (only use to make copies of movies), is memorex 4x +r. Not great, but good enough for personal copies.

My point was if you are going to have to get a new package of discs to work with your 1300a, which will cost as much as a burner, why not get a burner that works with the discs you have now. Any burner you buy now will be superior to the 1300A. Plus you’ll get much faster burning speeds and DL burning to boot. Good Luck.