Need help with external lg dvd burner

i have bought model gsa 2164d rom ver 1.0. in the begining ewerythyng was ok. :clap:
But later i was forced to unplug the usb cable. then when i pluged it in again the device was found as a cd-r. it plays only cd-s now :a

already tried uninsall and install it unplug and plug

no update has been found on update server

can someone help me with this :bow:

Hi and welcome.

To sort out any problems with your system, try the drive on another computer. If that fails there, too, then it is time to contact the support department of your dealer or LG.


Try to uninstall the drivers and remove the device from your system configuration, with it connected.
After, reboot the PC and see if it installs again correctly.
You can also check if LG has new firmware, and if that’s the case uptdate to it.
You should stop the device before you take the cable off, the system uses to warn you that it can cause problems if you don’t. Therefore, this can be the cause.


The same problem hapens on the other computers too… (recognised as CD burner in windows. Not as super multi DVD-RW like it should be…)

I already tooke it to the product service

i have tried this for a several times and installed the fw updater too…but there are no updates available…
Must be something wrong with this device, cose the same thing hapens on the other computors too. thanks anyway