Need help with external drive

please help!

i have an external 300 gig maxtor drive.
the partition on it is corrupt. i used few different kinds of programs and i see through them that the data is on the drive. however partition is either gone or corrupted (i dont know how this happened i.e. no virus (nod32 running)).

is there a way to fix the corrupted partition? i am using partition table doctor but not sure if it is going to work.

please help!

thanks alot

acronis disk director suite can recover deleted/lost partitions

easyrecovery is the best data recovery software
not only software they also have data recovery services…

both softwares are not free and easyrecovery is much more expensive then the other (about 320 for datarecovery edition and 1100 for professional edition) acronis disk director suite costs only 49

easy recovery doesnt recognize my drive. i need a prog that recognizes physical drives. acronis also i dont think does that.

any other ideas?

as long as the drive in good condition (pcb not toast,motor spinning,heads arent crashed and it doesnt make any unusual sound & windows identifies it) then any data recovery software should identify it at least if it supports usb drives

what version of easyrecovery your using and what datarecovery mode you selected?
maybe the version is just too old and doesnt support usb drives,acronis disk director suite supports usb

windows does identify the drive in device manager right?

You can also try badcopypro. It works on floppy’s, cd’s, hd’s, etc…

the drive works and device manager recognizes it.
i am using version 6.10 of easy recovery. i just dont think it recognizes usb drives or physical drives. if it does, please post on how to see if it does.

so does anyone have any advice?

every drive is physical you probably mean internal and naturally it does identify those and without any special configuration,the version your using is the latest and it works just fine for me you should try to uninstall and reinstall it

I have had problems with ZIP & JAZZ discs (showing my age) floppies and an old external hard drive - badycopypro always sorted things for me!! Best of all if you download it, you can trial it for free to see if it will work for your drive.

p.s. never place your laptop bag near a box containing a magnatron - hence all the problems with magnetic media!!!

I suggest you use Partition Table Doctor to resolve your
problem.The software provides very useful functions:
Backup partition table, Restore partition table, Rebuild
partition table, undelete partition, Fix boot sector,
rebuild mbr,etc.

First thing I recommend you download the demo version of
Partition Table Doctor.( )

Run the program and select “Rebuild Partition Table”,
then choose “Interactive” mode.

See more:


I suppose Active@ Partition Recovery tool might really help you. It has great methods indeed. It saved me couple a times before so this utility can help you too. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.