Need help with error

Hi, I am a new owner of a NEC 3500. I have tried backing up a DVD using dvd shrink and also dvd decrypter. It went through the process with both till about the end and then gave an error message with both programs, on more than one disc. I am attaching the error messages to see if anyone might know what the problem may be. Thanks for any help.

Make sure you check the NEC FAQ and troubleshooting guide in this forum section. Sounds like one of the troubleshooting tips might fix your problem. It could be a defective drive but unlikely…

I always get this error when there is a scratch on the disk.

I`ll print out the guide. I had someone install the DVD drive for me, its a little over my head!

The discs I have tried to backup are in super condition, no scratches, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

That is a read error.
The drive is having trouble with the disc.
Some scratches/blemishes are microscopic and cannot be detected by the human eye.
Try cleaning the disc and then try again with DVDDecrypter. :slight_smile:

I am going to try another disc with the dvd decrypter and see what happens. Thanks for the replies , I appreciate it.

I had the same problem. The same window popped up and the burning stopped at the early stage. I don’t think my discs are scratched since I took them right out of their cases. Still haven’t figured out what’s wrong…:frowning: