Need help with error

I just purchased DVDFab Platinum and every time I try to use it I keep getting an error. Task 1 failed error 400 (15 3vts_01_5.vob 131039232 2048) I know that error 400 (39) has to do with drive or another program. I searched forum and didn’t find anything for error 400 beginning with 15. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry no one has been able to get back with you for so long. The error you describe (400), from what I have seen and read here on the forum, can be caused by many things. When the error happens, does a box come up for you to report the error, and have you done so? This box reports the error direct to the author, and is the best way to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, have you tried copying the disc in the “Main Movie” mode? Does the disc play without errors on your PC or other player?
Post back with a little more information and we’ll all try to help.

No I don’t get a box to report error. I tried main movie also. I was reading on here about Roxio can cause problems I have Sonic and wondering if I should disable it? I have copied movies before, and I just purchased DVDFab Platinum and just get it to work. I also tried ripit4me, dvd decrypter, dvdfab decrypter and I also get errors. I tried ripit4me again and I got further then I have. I got an reading error in dvd decrypter that it couldn’t read last 2 files.

Hi aber3,

It seems the disc is dirty or stratched, since DVDFab cannot read file VTS_01_5.VOB.

Please try to clean the disc, or try to copy it on another DVD drive to see the result.

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I get the following error:

21:52:12: Task_1 failed! Error=400(15 1 d:\VIDEO_TS.VOB)

But I can watch the DVD just fine.

Check to see if you are running the Intel Application Accelerator. If so, uninstall. Got rid of all my problems.