Need help with dvdrw setup

can a couple of ppl give me their opinions. my pc has 2 hard drives (main one is primary master, other is primary slave). i want to install 2 dvdrw’s (one for burning (nec 2500a), other for scanning and ripping (liteon 411s) on the same pc. in the setup guide it says “in most cases, it is best to setup your dvdrw as the secondary master or slave (on the 2nd ide channel) so as not to interfere with your hard drive (1st ide channel)”. so should i take out the primary slave hd (rarely used) and install my main dvdrw as secondary slave? or is it better to install the main dvdrw (used to burn) as secondary master and the other dvdrw (scan and rip) as secondary slave? or is there a better setup? thanks in advance.