Need Help With Dvdfab Express

have FAB EXPress was copping a move today first time using FAB the move was the family stone all went well coping but when I play the dvd in my famleyroom dvd/vcr it has close caption.??? I put the same dvd in my bedroom dvd and it plays ok no close caption the colse caption on the tv and on the dvd player are set to off what is going wrong

Never hear of that problem before, but did have one that would not play sound on 1 player, but worked fine on the others. You might try enabling and disabling close caption. Also make sure subtitles are turned off in the player as they are different from close caption.


I tryed the enablingand disabling close caption did not help at all.Will check subtitles or turned off the same no help still have close caption. I did copy movie only??? if that helps