Need help with DVD Movie backups

Non of my copied DVD’s work in my DVD Player. The originals work just fine, but it says “The disc could not be played. Please check your TV system”. They work in my PC, so it’s not a bad burn. I think my DVD player can detect burned discs. Is there any way to make this work? It’s not a region problem.

My DVD Player: Samsung DVD-48500 (It’s one of those DVD/VCR Combo players)

Maybe I need to burn the discs a special way? I’ve just been burning them with Nero (v6).

Thanks in Advance.

We need more information. What backup programs are you using (nero will not copy dvds with protection)? what type of DVDs are you burning to (ie brand)?


I’m using Nero 6 and DVD Shrink. I’m also using BenQ DVD’s. They work perfectly for everything. I think need to mimic the copy protection that’s on the originals or find a way to trick the DVD Player into thinking it’s an original disc.

“The disc could not be played. Please check your TV system”.

What region are the originals? Are you trying to read a PAL R2 in a NTSC only R1 player for instance.

Region 1. The backups are either region free, or I’ve set them to play in region 1 only.

Some movies do work, but 95% don’t.

Try using Bitsetting to dvd-rom with your liteon and see if the dvd player then reads them better. Liteon has the utility on thier site.

Nah, I’m using DVD-R’s. I’ve updated to Nero 7, maybe that will help, but I doubt it. Am I out of luck? I have a NEC DVD Burner, i guess I could try it, but I don’t think it will change anything.