Need Help With DVD Lab 2.0

Sorry, i have poste din the wrong thread but i couldnt see where to post a new one.
I have some files and i need to burn them on to a dvd(I have bought some dvdrw’s(high quality Sony’s).
Whenever itry to burn them it wont let me, with Nero, with other software and sometimes it recognises the dvd as as a cd.
Im a programmer and dvd/cd drives are really not my forte!

Ok I’m getting a lot better using this program. I’ve made a motion menu which I’m quit proud of. But now I want to make a song selection page, but I don’t want the boxes with still pictures in them.

How do I just make a song list that are all buttons? all I want to see are the song names, no boxes with pictures in them.

Add a blank menu, type in the names of each song separately , and link each line of text to the appropriate chapter point. You can add a background, etc… whatever your imagination comes up with.

That is why I prefer DVD Lab to other authoring software, you’re not locked into templates or cookie-cutter menus.

Ok thanks a lot, I’ll try that right now.

[B]On a different note:[/B] I spent about 12 hours yesterday trying to make a motion menu system. I added the footage in the back, made my buttons, added text, transitions, then rendered it. I saved it making a movie of it on my desktop, I watched it and it looked cool. But when I tried to compile the project it said “aborted”. I redid this project 3 more times, but still got the “aborted” message. All that work and time I spent, just to have the damn thing not work. What did I do wrong? Is there something you have to do after rendering the motion menu? or is the problem somewhere else. I’m very new to this program, and trying to do some somewhat advanced things without completely know what I’m doing. So that could be one of the problems.

I know these questions can’t be answered since nobody watched me do this. But I wish I knew what I did wrong for the project to be aborted. I was so frustrated, I followed the info in the help section as closely as I possible could. I didn’t always know what it was telling me though.

It happened again, 6 hours of work on this new project just to have it say “aborted” when I try to compile it. What the heck is going on? I wonder if things get messed up when I trim the footage at the start of the project. Because the report always says “video does not match”.

I put so much time and effort into making a cool DVD and the program won’t create it for me.

I need step by step directions of everything little things to get this to work. Somebody please help.

Perhaps you could post a screenshot of the error message

Ok, if it happens again I will post some pictures.

I need to know how big I can make my menu. I’m not sure which of the boxes in the title safe area I need to be in.

The help section said keep all buttons and text inside the inner box. But what about the outer box? can I make my background pic the size of the outer box without it being cut off by the TV?

anything outside of the 1st line is likely not to be visible on a TV.
Anything within the 1st line is considered TitleSafe.
All buttons/Links must be within the inner box. If you simulate your menu, and a button is outside of the boundary, it will not “activate”, giving you an indication you need to move it over.
FYI, If you hold shift while dropping in your background on the menu, it will auto fill the whole background

Thanks a lot, now I’m completely sure about this. I was never sure how far I could make my background image go. I alway found out by burning the DVD and see everything cut off.

After I import the video to the program I want to trim a few minutes out. But it only cuts the video, and not the audio. So in viewing the final product I noticed that after the video is done it sits still as the last minute or 2 of audio keeps playing.

How do I trim the audio?

Use Cuttermaran to trim your M2V and Audio file before authoring in DVD Lab. In Cuttermaran, set your in and out, and range to cut list, then cut video/audio. Now use the trimmed A/V in DVD Lab.
Before you author your DVD, you need to have all of your assets ready for authoring, as DVD Lab is just for authoring. It has some minor editing functions, but life is easier if everything is ready to author from the start of the project.

Thanks for you help everyone, I think I’m getting pretty good at this. I’ve made some cool DVD’s so far.

But I’m still having minor issues, such as:

When I view my menus they are always moving, like hiccuping. You know what I mean? It want it to stay still.

What brand of dvd’s are you burning to, and at what speed, on which burner?

  1. I’m using a no name brand, the cheapest DVD’s I could fine.

  2. I burn at the lowest speed possible, to avoid any possible problems.

  3. I use Nero.

The first two aren’t really recommended. Use the best media available, which usually means Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. HP branded 16x +R disks are also reported to be good. Wait for the sales and stock up.

On modern burners and 16x speed media, you probably shouldn’t burn at 4x or below most of the time. The firmware of the drives seem to be optimised for faster burn speeds. I have settled on 8x as a good mid point, though many others around here use 12x.

I usually use Fuji or Sony x16 -R disks, but I decided to check out this cheap brand. It’s only a 10 pack so it’s no big deal, cheap too.

I alway figured the slower you burn the more accurate and less chance of problems that may occur. Well knowing this now I won’t have to wait 15-20 minutes to burn a single DVD. At the top speed it takes me about 5 minutes to burn a DVD.

New some questions:

I have a DVD that needs menus, but the DVD has very low audio. After I rip the DVD with DVDFab how do I increase the volume? can I do it in DVDLab? or do I need a completely new program?

demux the audio from the DVD files. Convert the audio file (most likely mp2 or ac3) to wav with a freeware app like Headac3he. Then use a wav editing app like Audacity to increase the volume. Then convert back to compressed audio using ffmpeg for ac3, or Headac3he for mp2. You can use Besweet to go from ac3/mp2 to ac3 that will boost the volume of the output file all in one step, but I haven’t used Besweet’s ac3 encoder in a long time because it’s output would lock up Pioneer players, but I believe that issue has been resolved.

and for your jumpy menus… when you compile your DVD, there in an option to de-jitter… might give that a shot.

Thanx but I did not get all of that. Can you post a step by step directions list for me?

Yup, its a myth coming from the old days of burnin’. :wink: