Need Help With DVD Lab 2.0

I just got this program yesterday, I like what it can do. Only thing is, I don’t know how to use it. When I try to import my videos into the program, it comes up with some errors. Or the video doesn’t import at all, does the program only accept certain video formats?

This is no freeware program.

Just go to the offical site, there are more than enough guides…

It’ll only accept mpg format files and DVD format audio files as it’s only an authoring app.

I never said it was freeware.

Yeah the guide helps a lot, but I’m still having issues with importing vidoes.

Some of my videos are mpg, but they still have errors. I think there is more then one type of mpg, do you know exactly which type it is?

These days I only author DVD compatible files (MPEG-2) but in the past I have done so with SVCD files but it requires that these are demuxed first , which it will do.

Just what errors are you getting?

Just to add , I’m no expert with this app.

This Wikipedia page shows the resolutions, framerates, audio formats and audio sampling rates that are acceptable for dvd video. DVDLab Pro is very picky about adhering to the dvd specifications.

It will also give error warnings that can be safely ignored, like open GOP’s.

I successfully made my first DVD with working chapters and menus. The next step for me is to add some audio to my menus.

When I tried to import an MP3 it wouldn’t allow it. What audio format must I use, and how I do convert my MP3 to whatever it has to be?

Use Besweet and one of the gui’s for it, like Belight, to change the audio format. You can find Belight over at

You’ll probably need PCM or AC3 audio, unless you live where they use PAL standards. You can use MPG1 Audio Layer II for PAL dvds. 48Khz for any of those three.

This Belight will convert my MP3 to MPG1 Audio Layer II?

BeLight is a graphical user interface for BeSweet. So you’ll need both.

From the FAQ’s for BeSweet over at Doom9:

  1. What are the input formats supported by BeSweet ?
    AC3,LPCM,WAV,MP3,MP2,MPA,Ogg Vorbis.
    also VOB & AVI containing the above audio formats are also supported.
    LST & MUX files for multifiles processing.

  2. What are the output formats offered by BeSweet ?
    Mpeg - MP3,MP2,MPA.
    AC3 - 2.0AC3, 5.1AC3, DolbyDigital WAV.
    Ogg - Stereo, 6Ch vorbis.
    AIFF - 5.1AIFF, 5.0AIFF.
    WAVE - 16bit Stereo WAV. 16bit Multichannel 5.1 WAV. 16/32bit 6 Mono WAVs.

MPG1 Audio Layer II is also known as MP2, so it is one of the outputs offered by BeSweet.

I download both programs but I couldn’t understand how to make it work. I kept getting some black box popping up less then a second before disappearing. And it never converted my MP3 to MP2. So I just deleted the programs.

Here’s another question:

I have a DVD without menus and chapters. So I ripped the whole DVD to put into DVD Lab. But after I completed my project by giving it chapters and menus I notice the video quality wasn’t as good as the original DVD. Why did the footage loose its good quality? Does it have to do with ripping it?

How do I do this project keeping the original video quality? I was upset to see that my project had cool looking menus with chapters, yet the video didn’t looks as good as my master version.

There must be a way for me to rip the master DVD at a very high quality. So that nothing is lost when putting it into DVD Lab and having the video converted to MPEG II.

To use BeLight and BeSweet, download the zipped files and extract BOTH of them to the same folder. Then click on the BeLight.exe icon. This will bring up the gui and gives you options for conversion.

As to your dvd quality, what did you use to rip the dvd? And did you reduce the size of the video to fit onto a dvdr? It has nothing to do with DVDLab Pro itself, since it is just an authoring tool and cannot affect the quality of the video input—there is no encoding engine in DVDLab Pro.

Ok, well I’ll download the programs again and see if that works.

I used #1 DVD Ripper to rip my DVD. I don’t know if I reduced that size or not, I just ripped the DVD to a SVCD MPEG II format. So that I could put it straight into DVD Lab with out having to covert it to MPEG II. Doing that does make the footage smaller when I played it.

Is that not the correct way to get the DVD footage on my PC?

SVCD is usually intended to be burned to cds, not dvds. Therefor you have probably compressed your dvd down to 700mb, instead of 4.3GB. This will seriously degrade the quality of the video.

You are using a program I haven’t tried, so I don’t know for certain that this is what you’ve done, but it certainly sounds like it.

DVDLab Pro will allow you to import dvds. You don’t have to convert them to mpeg. It will ask to combine the vobs and demux them into video and audio streams. Your choice on that, but that is the way Lab Pro likes to work.

So, when you rip your dvds to the hard drive, you just need a straight rip. No compression. DVDFab HD Decrypter will do this for free. And you can select just the main movie if that is all you want.

Once you have finished compiling your new dvd through DVDLab Pro, the output may be too large to put onto a single layer dvd recordable disk. This is quite likely if you started with a commercial dvd. So, you can reduce its size slightly with DVDShrink, or if you want maximum quality, use DVDRebuilder.

Shrink can be found at, and there is a free version of DVDRebuilder available online too. Shrink is a transcoder and will work fairly quickly. If you don’t have much compression, it will do an excellent job. DVDRebuilder uses encoders, and will take much, much longer, but the quality will be about the best you can do. I recommend using the HC encoder that is included with the program.

I was wondering why when I compiled the project it came out to less then a GB.

1 DVD Ripper has worked fine for me, would it be better to rip is as AVI? I’ll give this DVDFab a try.

It takes to many programs just to make one damn DVD.

Don’t rip as an avi. That is a sidetrack that will take a lot of time to correct, and degrade the video along the way.

When you import the dvd to DVDLab Pro make sure to select all the vobs in the Video_TS folder. You’ll then see the message to combine and demux them.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

I’m trying to use DVDFab right now, but when it completed the copying I get a message saying “process fail”. What did I do wrong now?

All I did was click “main movie” because I don’t want the SA menu, then hit “start”.

Hmm, that shouldn’t have happened. Got enough room on the hard drive I suppose?

Which movie are you trying to rip?

I have more then enough place on my HD. I noticed that even with the “process failed” message. That the whole DVD was still ripped when I watch it. So I guess it’s ok, just something weird about the program giving me that error message.

I’m not ripping a movie, I’m a bootleg trader of music concerts. In particular I’m trying to work on a Dokken - Phili '87 concert, which can be view on youtube.

After completing my previous project, I played it in my TV. But my menus were way to big, my buttons were cut off as well as some of my other text. I thought it was ok because it looked fine on my PC.

So here’s a new question: How to I make the menu fit perfectly on my TV? I didn’t really understand the 2 square lines in the menu creating section. Do I have to keep all my buttons and text within one of the boxes? I made everything the same size as the whole black square.

The help file in Lab Pro is amazingly complete—it has many of the answers you need. In this case look under Menu Window and read about the Title Safe Area for placement of objects and script. It includes all the space inside the inner dotted line.

The problem you’ve run into is that standard tv’s are usually set to overscan, and you’ll lose up to 20% of the image you see on your computer monitor. That’s not quite an exact quote from the help file, but it is close, and conveys the meaning.