Need Help with DVD Fab

I am in desperate need of help!!! I installed the software DVDFab v. trial to make sure it would work on my computer. It worked great so I purchased the full version…Now I can’t get the software to work. I can open it and copy the movie but when I go to burn it I get and error code 122 and it says failed. This only started after I entered the registration code.

I am running a Mac Book Pro with Windows XP Parallels. My burner is a Matshita DVD-R drive. Can anyone help? Thank you


Hi Brenda and sorry for your trouble.

I don’t know beans about a MacBook Pro, but I seem to recall a recent, similar issue and it was related to the [B]Preview[/B] settings.

First off, a couple of thoughts:

Update to v. Beta as I believe the Preview glitch has been fixed.
Ultimately, you’ll need a new, Fab 6 regkey…but it’s free. Just click on:

Be certain to request the Fab 6 regkey.

You can also try disabling and/or playing with the Preview settings.
Many users experienced “changed settings” as they updated to some of the more recent Fab 5 beta versions.

Hope this helps and let us know…

Hi again Brenda and my apologies…
I just realized I misread your post. I read it in my poor, 60 yo brain as[I] rip [/I]and not[I] burn[/I].
This is not a Preview issue.

Does this failure and error 122 pop up as the burn just commences?

[B]Matshita[/B] Danger Will Robinson.

[QUOTE=signals;2273963][B]Matshita[/B] Danger Will Robinson.[/QUOTE]
Yeah, thanks for the heads up pard…:bigsmile:
I saw that , but I hated to hit her with that on her very first post and the Mat-[I]Shit[/I]-a has been working…such as it is.

I think we’re going to end up switching to Img here

I agree 100%. Too many variables to be able to troubleshoot easily/effectively.

[QUOTE=maineman;2273962]Does this failure and error 122 pop up as the burn just commences?[/QUOTE]

It does for me. I’ve tried with v5 and v6 of DVDFab and same error. This occurs for me under Vista (32) using a BenQ drive and DVD+R DL discs. I suspect the main part of the issue is DL.

I’ve now tested this further under XP and a Samsung drive and same error. Either it’s the movie, Benjamin Button, or it’s DL related. Copy process works fine, it’s just the burn that fails and it only take a minute or two for it to report the failure.