Need help with DVD DRIVE

i have bought a HP compaq nx6110 and i have a pblm with my DVD writer drive icon in my computer folder…the DVD drive is disabled in my comp folder…how to enable it…???provide me the solution… :doh: :sad:

I have no idea what you mean. “computer folder” ???

Please explain it better.

Maybe there is some help here:

its not disabled, you can not burn dvds with windows alone. You need some other software, and to enable it for CDs just right click then check the PROPERTIES

hey its my computer folder which is present in desktop like my documents,recyble bin…i cant access to my DVD drive which is not present in my computer r drives i have C:D:E: and DVD DRIVE AS F: which is not showing in my laptop…do u understand…now how to solve the problem…

Then use devicemanager to solve the problem.

And use a proper burning app like Nero.