Need help with DVD DL Back up


I am having trouble backing up a DL PS2 game to DVD+R DL.

Using: Verbatim DVD+R DL
ATAPI DVD DC 8x16x8x

I have tried using DVD Decrypter and tried to change the book type but haven’t had any luck. The burn finishes, but doesn’t work.

Any Ideas? Please Help.

A DL PS2 game? I never knew these existed!
Anyhoo, the backup will only work in modified PS2’s and i believe PS2’s tend to like DVD- more than DVD+. Perhaps the laser unit can’t handle it.

Try a DVD+DL Video to check it that’ll work in your PS2.

You should check out That’s really the place to go for info on ps2 games.


I tried burning again and realized that my dvd burner doesn’t change the book type to DVD-rom. I think this or that my PS2 version with swap magic doesn’t work.