Need help with dvd decrypter and psl file

found this link but cant figure out how to do it. (last post)

Using the attached DVD_VIDEO.PSL.txt rename it to DVD_VIDEO.PSL and use this file in STEP 2.

  1. In DVD Decrypter insert Resident Evil 2
  2. From File/Protective Sectors List/Import - Load the DVD_VIDEO.PSL
  3. Decrypt the DVD to Hard Drive
  4. With DVD Shrink load the DVD from Hard Drive and Shrink to your needs.


im stuck at step 2

under file i only have decrypt and exit

sorry, im new

do you have the latest dvd decrypter? and you’re not in ISO Write mode, right?

i was using an old version of dvd decrypter

now those instructions make sense.

some reason its reading really slow. 1.2x

thanks for your help