Need help with dvd creation


need some help on this

I have made some holiday movies, transfered them from mini-dvd to mpg, then merged all the seperate mpg files into 1 file.
now i want to make a dvd from that 15gb file.

but here is the problem 15 gb :slight_smile:

now im looking for a program that either can split them into 3 files that i can burn to dvd, or i need a program that will span my movie automaticaly onto 3 or 4 dvd discs (asmany as needed)

i’ve tried some programs but none actually spans my movie over multiple dvd’s

Any help is welcome

You need a DVD authoring software like TMPGEnc DVD Author.

Once loaded the mpeg file, you must select manually the start and the end points. Then you can insert chapters and menus (if you want), and finally save the resulting DVD on a folder on your hard disc or burn with the included burning tool.

Then do the same with the remaining of original mpeg.