Need HELP With DVD Cloning/Ripping

I recently tried out just about every DVD cloning software device there is. All, to no avail. Even though I followed directions explicitly, I could NOT copy a movie DVD. I would keep receiving “error messages” like “error 5”, “corrupted Hardware”, “unable to download following software”, “running this software may be injurious to your computer”, etc. So, now I find myself totally aggravated & stymied by this severe problem. Is there anyone out there who might know WHY my PC refuses to allow these copying devices to do their jobs? I would appreciate any & all comments because I really want to wrap this situation up and get the job done. P.S. I even disabled my Pop-Up Blocker & Firewall just to be on the safe side. Sincerely, FrankEast.

What have you used so we know this and can better assist you rather than asking 100+ questions.

I would like to know what “about every DVD cloning software” really is.

If you have copy-protected DVDs, then use tools like Ripit4me and AnyDVD.