Need help with dvd burning process

ive got some downloaded xvid movies (.avi) and a few vcd (.mpeg) movies that i would like to burn on dvds to give to friends and what not. here are my questions.

note: if you have AIM my sn is starwars12369. which would probably be easier and clearer to contact me through there if possible. and if im not there just leave a message about this.

  1. i dont have a dvd burner and i will get one but before i do i wanna make sure i know what im doing.

  2. i have nero 6.0, pinnacle studio 9, and roxio 7.0. i would prefer to use Nero because its eaiser to work with.

  3. since most dvd players dont support every file type and what not i need to know if i need to convert my files into a certain format and if i do what format does that need to be. (nero converts them for me so far from my experience).

  4. what is a good cheap dvd burner for me to get for starting out.

  5. what do most dvd players support dvd-wise (DVD-R, DVD+R). most of the dvd players that will be playing them wont be more than 200 dollar players. and these were bought awhile back.

  6. i have more questions so it would be best if possible to contact on AIM or through email.

thanks for everyones help

get a sony dw26a or lite-on 1673s. or a lite-on 1693s [?]

buy -r media

use nerovision express 3 to convert avi files [and others] to dvd. use Make DVD mode . . .

yeah i was gonna get -r because it seems most compatible
im getting the new NEC ND3540A its comes highly recommened.

in your how to burn a dvd forum post what purpose does the Video_TS have??
im using DivxtoDVD and it does have that folder but the movie is in a diff one

the Video_TS has some unknown files in it. is this what is suppose to be in it?

VIDEO_TS folder contains the dvd video files. extensions will be BUP, IFO, VOB.

damnit, my images are not showing anymore in that guide ! have to go fix it up.

yes. im using nero express 3 but it gives me errors when i try and convert to a mpeg. although ive only tried converting to that 1 file type. and do i wanna convert to PAL or NSTC