Need help with dvd audio



i got my first dvd burned and the volume is kinda low (u gotta crank it up to hear it), the original file was like that also. dunno if any of this helps but i converted avi to dvd and the audio was mp3, the prog i used was dvd2svcd n that converted the mp3 to mp2 then i used ffmpeg to convert that to an ac3 file. so the next time this happens how can i get the volume louder without makin it sound distorted. ty


I don’t know if this can help you,maybe you can have a try.
Regarding to your conversion, i think it’s a bit complex.You can get the AC3 audio directly if you use WinAVI.When convert to DVD,it can give you AC3 audio or MP2 audio.You can choose which you like. :doh:


ac3 is always “quieter”, normal.


so there’s no way u can change that? i’ve heard of normalizing before but i dunno if that has anything to do with the volume…


ok i think i figured that out, but now i noticed when i load the Encoded_audio_1.mp2 file in gspot or goldwave it says it’s in mono. my avi file was in stereo before i used dvd2svcd to encode it to dvd format. i checked the audio part (usin besweet) and it says Output mode: stereo, so why is it mono? cuz i want it to stay in stereo not damn mono =/


guess i can’t edit that post :S. anyway i saw on another tut they just loaded the entire avi file into virtualdub and made that into a wave, then used ac3machine to convert it to ac3. i just did the same with goldwave and it showed it was in stereo, now i’ll just use ffmpeg to convert it to ac3 or could i just skip the goldwave step and load my avi file right into ffmpeg and convert the mp3 file from the movie straight to ac3?


If you’ve got your work to avi it’s a matter of getting the audio track[s] out to edit on its[their] own. The guys on this forum seem familiar with every piece of software on earth, which I’m not. Get your avi file into something like soundforge, protools, cubase then edit the sound track to your heart’s content. Normalising takes the highest peak of the track and sets it to “line” or whatever level relative to that you want. Obviously the clag will come up with it so you’ll need a frequency sensative gate or compresser and the like to keep everything clean. Then, the whole shooting match can be saved as whatever you want, avi is fairly universal starting point. Of course, digital video editing software like premier or avid let you put an avi in and basically adjust the level of the sound track and export to mpeg2/dvd in one go. You’d still have to get the sound track out and doctor it for more bells and whistles. Don’t know if that helps. regards P.S


Why do you need AC3 in the first place? MPEG1 Layer II (.mp2) is the DVD-Video standard…