Need help with dual layer dvd drive

i’m not sure what to do, but i tried putting some pictures on a disc today, and all of a sudden, it didn’t work. it told me that i needed to insert a blank disk, though one was already inserted. i tried another disc, and the same thing happened. it doesn’t even recognize the discs on My Computer. then i thought, ok, this drive is pretty old, maybe i need to upgrade it with some firmware. so i went to the Lite-on official website. i went to the firmware downloads page, and i saw my drive, only when i clicked the link, the only thing that happened was the web page reloaded. so i took the name of the firmware and googled it, seeing if maybe i can find a third party who hosts that file. i found the file and downloaded it, only when i tried executing it, it said the the firmware is for
LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S, but that i have
1-0-0-0 E:LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S BGS4. i have no clue in the world how to fix it or find the appropriate firmware. i need some help fast.

I don´t know one 1633S. Maybe you read some threads here about crossflashing to 1653S.

What brand is your media?

BGS4 is some oem firmware. download BS0S or CS0P and flashfix. then flashfix the firmware you want and upgrade your 1633s.

but if it can’t read any discs, a fimware update will not help.

Hey I have the exact same problem word for word as you…with the firmware update… My Lite-on is same model number as yours exactly and came with a Gateway 840GM Media Center PC… I can’t even burn a successful dual layer disc either… Nero and Decrypter screw up aswell…

I have the same problem also. My 1633s will not recognize dual layer dvds. I tried flashing to BS41 and crossflashing to CS0P with the same results. The drive will not recognize the dual layer disc.

The media I am using is Verbatim DVD+R DL the media code is MKM001.

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Does your drive recognize other blank media and what about press dual layer movie discs?

Have you tried BYX4:

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Yeah my drive does recognize other blank media like cd-rs and dvd+rs. Just tried putting in Lord of the Rings and it does not play. So any dual layered dvd doesn’t play. :frowning:

I think i’ll try your suggestion with the other firmware. Should I use the stock or the patched BYX4 firmware?

you must use a patched firmware. take BYX4 or CSTR, they’re both good.

Sounds like it could be a drive focus problem. BYX4 doesn’t need to be patched to use it in a 1633S but it also doesn’t matter if it is patched - it will still work. But try the BYX4 patched multi-color LED version, so you don’t lose the red LED while burning and you can change the Sony name to Liteon, if you want, by using the OmniPatcher tool :wink:

No dice. I tried both firmwares of BYX4 and CSTR and still no recognition of dual layer dvds. I tried running a movie and it didn’t read. :a

Don’t know what to do now…

The only other thing I know of that has fixed this problem is the systems powersupply. Do you have another system you can try the drive in?

Does this firware allow you to burn DVDs at 16x?
I used the Memorex DVD-R 16x single layer and it burned at 8x. An improvement of not being able to burn at any speed.

I have the Gateway installed burner Lite-On SOHW 1633s BGS4.
I flashed it with the CSOR.
Can I reflash it if there is a better firmware that will burn at 16x? Or am I just limited to the 8x burn.

Im just happy I can use the 2 spindles I bought on sale for $8 for 25 DVDs


That always depends on the media, it’s rating and the mediacode.