I Burnt a copy of DOOM 3 Using Alcohol 120% Ver. 1.9.2 and it the burn went fine… The Installation went fine…

But when I go to play the game on my laptop which it locks up on th opening screen before it gets to the initalization screen.

I have a VPR Matrix with the following:
512MB of Ram
2.2 Gig CPU
Matshita CDRW/DVD Drive
Geforce4 420 MX GO Mobile built in

I am pretty sure I met the requirments
but I cant get doom to work on my laptop any suggestions will be greatly appreciated…

I am pretty sure I met the requirments

Is your original working?

I dont think this is a copy-protection issue, maybe it should be reported to Activision (you problem) and this post moved to General Software Forum.

By ini screen do you mean the trademark SafeDisc splash verification screen?