Need help with DL incompatability

My name is Bob, and I live in Milwaukee with my wife and 4 collies. I joined this forum to try and get advice about problems I am having with +R DL incompatibility with stand alone DVD players. I did a couple searches but did not find anything that exactly addressed my newbee type question. I appologize if this has been asked before.

I am trying to record home made DVD’s using Pinacle software, but the DVD’s I make on DL discs will only play on my computer. (I have perfect success with -R single layer). I have not been able to find a single stand alone DVD player that will play the +R DL DVDs that I make. I am using Verbatim brand DL DVDs.

I saw a thread on this forum that talks about flashing the firmware of my NEC3550 burner so you can change the bitsetting of the disc and fool the stand alone player to think the +R DL is a -R and not +R. I also read that it may help with compatibility in stand alone players. In effect it makes the disc look like a store bought prerecorded movie that you buy. I think they call it a DVD9? which any stand alone player will read.

What I don’t understand is, if I flash the firmware on my burner, do I also have to use special application software when burning to change the book to -R or does the DVD burner do this autoimatically after the firmware is flashed, every time I burn onto a +R DL DVD disc?

The Pinnacle software I use to make DVD movies probably does not have any feature to set the book to -R when I am burning a +R DL disc.

I figure there are a bunch of folks here that are experts on this type of stuff and I want to thank all of you for any help you may be able to give me in advance. I am glad I found this forum, I think I can learn a lot here.


You can’t change the booktype of a +R DL to -R only to -ROM. You can use for example Nero or nero’s cdspeed for bitsetting.

Also, it would help if you could identify the DL discs for us, using nero CDspeed, or similar.

Currently only Mitsubishi Chemical Company (verbatim branded) or MCC for short, are any good.
The other manufacturers DL discs cause all sorts of issues, and that’s just when burning.
Playback is nothing short of hell.

Yes, but MCC mid is only for SL discs, MKM would be the mid for DL. :wink:

Ok, I am using Verbatim DL discs as it is my understanding thay are the best.

so is -ROM ths same as a pre recorded movie you buy at the video store?

And. IF I record a dvd on a +R DL Verbatim disc, and it is booked as a +R can I use cdspeed to change the book after it has been recorded? Or would I use cdspeed to preset the book of the disc first, and then record my movie with another program after setting the book to -ROM?

And will I need to re-flash the firmware to my NEC 3550 in order to use cd speed?

Sorry to ask so many questions…
Thanks again for all your help. This stuff is still very new to me and I can tell I will be asking a lot of questions before I get the hang of this stuff.

Yes! :slight_smile:

The liteon DVDRW drives have a program called “k-probe”, which I believe can change the booktype of an already burnt DVDR/W. No other drives can use this (except sony which are really liteon drives).

Other drives cannot change the booktype of a written disc. Booktype needs to be set before the disc is written & then all DVDR media will be written with DVD-ROM booktype.

The NEC3550 should already be supported by nero DVD/CDspeed.