Need Help with DiscDump

Hi Guys,

Installation of the DiscDump program went well but when I tried starting the program it gives me an error msg. SCSI manager not installed…I downloaded all the necessary ASPII V4.7 I just dont know if I installed it correctly…and also I was wondering why my Physical Disc Drives do ( NOT ) show up in either the ( Drive Config ) window or the ( Select Device ) window :confused:

Also I’m running Windows Xp, and the CD-RW is a Liteon LTR-48125W…Thanks in Advance :bow:

try downloading ASPI 4.70, unzipping, create a shotcut to the regualr installer and add the parameter -force. Run it from the shortcut it should say installer for 98/Me/NT/2000 but just install anyway, and reboot. That’s what I did to get it working, using XP and same drive.