Need help with diablo2 and age of mythology

First of all i have the original cd but want to back them up to use the backup instead of scraching the originals.I am using clonecd i can make perfect copy of diablo 2 install but when i copy the play disc i put it it works ok when i put play diablo 2 it says please insert diablo 2 play disc.i did check read subchannel data from data tracks and audio tracks.And when trying to backup age of mythology it is way to slow like 2-3 hours. Can someone help me i am using liteon-ltc -48161h . and memorex cdrw can any1 tell me whats the problem and how to fix it.

Both Diablo 2 (securom new) and Age of Mythology (safedisc 2.7) have atip checks as part of the copy protection. You’ll need an atip hiding utility if you want to run the back-up copies from either of your writers (not necessary if using an ordinary cd/dvd rom). Enable CloneCD’s hide cdr media from the system tray before playing from your back-up copies and you should be ok.

As for reading time for Age of Mythology, it shouldn’t take 2 - 3 hours with either of your writers. I suspect that you noticed that reading speed was initially very slow and estimated to be 2 - 3 hours and that you aborted the reading process without allowing it to complete.

Because Age of Mythology is safedisc protected, there will be numerous (between 550 and 600) unreadable sectors in the first ~10,500 sectors (roughly the first 3% of the disc). This causes reading of that part of the cd to be very slow. Just be patient; once the first ~10,500 sectors have been read, reading speed will return to normal and it will only take another 2 or 3 min to read the rest of the disc. (All up, your Lite-on will take only between 5 and 10 min to read the entire cd depending upon how much grunt you otherwise have on your system.)

Thanks for your help i can play age of mythology but diablo 2 still say please verify that your diablo 2 playdisc is on the cd-rom.Thanks again:)


As philamber said “Diablo 2 (securom new)”

Have a quick search around the site, you will find numerous guides on backing up SecuROM new protected discs.

You probably should take a look at other posts and compare their style of posting with yours… It might be worth stating what version of CCD you are using… what speed you used etc…

Whilst the people on here are awesome at answering questions and fixing problems - they can’t guess your configuration…

I know this place is a little daunting, but after a couple of searches, a few cups of tea and a lot of reading - you should be a master of backing-up!

I look forward to you posting your success story! :smiley:

MC :smiley:

Originally posted by nicolas
diablo 2 still say please verify that your diablo 2 playdisc is on the cd-rom.Thanks again:)

If using CloneCD with your Lite-on; read with data subs only and check the option to regenerate data sectors, write with everything unchecked. (Read and write at 8x and remember to enable hide cdr media before trying to run the back-up copy from a writer).