Need help with devastation


just purchased this game but before i back it up i tryed to play it
it loaded fine but wont play it comes up saying please load disc and try again
my first thought was it has black listed daemon tools i think i am using the latesed version but cant find their home page can anyone give me a link?

i also have a trial version of alcohol 120 % and blindwrite suit could any of this programs be stopping this game from working

hase anyone had this problem and if so how did you fix it??

this is my first game with safedisc 2.9 so i am thinking it has some up to date black lists

help big al


solved problem

The CloneCD ‘issue’ relates to the Virtual Drive that was shipped with V4.2.0.2 and the CCDTray that runs in the SysTray. If the virtual drive is installed - even if it is disabled - then any game protected by SafeDisk 2.90.040 [which Devastation is] will fail the CD Check. Same is true for the CCDTray. You will need to exit the tray program before running the game.

The CCDTray is only useful for playing a backup of the game in a Burner or for launching CloneCD from the SysTray, so as long as you have the original in the burner or a backup in a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive you don’t need it. Trouble will be when you have a pirate copy and only a single burning optical drive…

Or change the command line in Properties of the icon to show udb.exe instead of devastation.exe

I cannot confirm that. I never had any problems with sd 2.9 games and ccd and its virtual drives. My problem is Alcohol120% and its emulation features (which should be disabled).