Need help with deinterlacing

hello guys. i need help with deinterlacing DVD video but dont know what to do next. I used MPEG Video WIzard DVD to encode to mp4 format but seems like this program doesn’t have deinterlacing options isn’t it ? help me what to do :frowning:

I’ll try to rough out a verbal sketch for you.

You probably are talking about Inverse Telecine (IVTC). Deinterlace is for camcorder footage where every field is unique. IVTC is for TV broadcasts, videotape, laserdiscs, some DVD extras, and a very few DVD titles that were poorly made (and so on). Yeah, I know - I didn’t invent the terminology. :slight_smile:

Chances are, if it’s a retail DVD, then it’s soft telecine, where flags in the mpg tell the player (software or hardware, and most editors) when to repeat fields. That’s a piece of cake.

Got to and grab “GSpot”, that’ll tell you what kind of source you’re dealing with. (Sometimes there’s a mix of soft and hard telecine, (on, for instance, Sci-Fi tv show DVDs), then you have to test scene by scene).

Dgpulldown can get rid of telecine flags. (Same site).

For hard telecine, where the repeated fields are encoded right in, you’re going to have to decompress, IVTC (or deinterlace) and recompress back to mpg, which will take some hours. You’ll mainly get hard telecine mpegs from DVR / PVR recordings of TV broadcasts. You can do everthing in one step with avisynth (free) combined with a good encoder (usually not free, if it’s mpg, but free for most other formats).

A great referece, is ADM’s guide to video editing.
The IVTC method, there, works for almost everything. (Section 3).

There are, of course, some freaky cases, especially in the wacky world of NTSC->PAL conversions, where paid professionals have come up with several innovative ways to botch things terrificly. :slight_smile: (And you’ll actually find some help, on that, in the same forum, one sticky down).

If those IVTC methods don’t work for your source, you’ve got a lot of reading to do at Doom9 and Videohelp. (And most of that discussion is pretty obscure stuff).

I think the most insane thing I’ve seen is a cable station’s movie that would periodically switch from hard telecine to repeat-frame flags (not repeat field, but repeat frame). Repeat-frame is one of the digital tv tools that they can abuse to create all sorts of nightmarish scenarios. :slight_smile:

Gravelrds, thx for responding. Its a retail anime DVD from broadcasting one. Im having troubles with my DVD rom and wanted to encode it to my HD to skip annoyances with repeating switching between dvd’s. also i found that megui is best suitable for this kind of thing =]

Oops, forgot anime. I’ve skimmed past a lot of discussions about that. (I like anime, but I haven’t done anything to mine).

I’m glad you found a good encoder for it.

(Yeah, swapping dvd’s is a pain, especially with forced menus. And a futzy dvd drive - yikes).