Need help with decrypting a cd



hey guys whats up, im dwaltin and am new to these forums

i have a question tho, a friend of mine has just had her senior pictures taken and all the pictures are on a cd that plays automaticly, when you right or left click it changes pictures and thats all you can do, and the cd expires on 9-27-05. My question is how do i decrypt the cd to where it would be possible to look at the pictures individually, edit them, and be able to print them out?

i tried dvd shrink and dvd decryption but those dont work for cds

can someone help me please!?!? :slight_smile:


try using dvd43 download is free the run program while looking at your pictures it might work it might not worth a try though later


try installin dvd43 and run the program while looking at the pictures it might work


Haha, what? This isn’t a DVD, man.


I would try ISOBuster. Use it to put the contents of the CD in a folder on your hard drive. Then go looking and see what file formats are present. If it was done on a Mac then you might need some file convertors and such.