Need help with cue and bin files please

I have in my possesion a big file (1.6gb) which is in RAR … so, i extracted it, now i have 3 CUE files - ****CD1.cue, ****CD2.CUE, and ****CD3.cue.
also, i have 3 BIN files ****CD1.BIN, ****CD2.BIN, ****CD3.BIN.

so i have winiso and used it on ****CD1.BIN and extracted it to a folder ,(never burned a BIN file…wasn’t sure howto so thought i’d get the files out and put them in nero to burn that way) then erasing that specific BIN file. It seemed wierd to me, and realized the CUE filles were there for some reason. read up on it a bit. we got a situation…

1-how do i burn a CUE and BIN file together? info on the web says i need the CUE file to be burnt with the BIN file…however that may be…
any help appreciated
2-if i need to convert the file back to a BIN so i can properly burn it with it’s CUE file, how then do i convert the first BIN file i extracted back to a ****CD1.BIN file?
have NERO ultra 7.
any help appreciated

Hi, and welcome to the CD Freaks forums! :slight_smile: I took the liberty of moving your thread here. As much as we would like to have you visiting the P2P forum, I think you’ll get the help you need here, for this kind of a question. :iagree:

From what I recall reading before, to start with, you need to place the CUE and BIN files together in folder. As these files represent a CD image, if you are interested in creating a CD from one, don’t try extracting the contents. Assuming Nero 7 has the same ‘Recorder’ menu as Nero 6, go into Nero Burning ROM and if it displays a new disc dialogue, cancel out of this. Go into the ‘Recorder’ menu and select ‘Burn Image…’ and select the CUE file for your first disc. Insert a blank CD-R/RW and click ‘Burn’. This will write the disc image stored in the first CUE/BIN set as the CUE file is the Cue sheet for the BIN disc image file. Repeat this for your other CUE/BIN sets.

Thanks Crabby, LOL!! :rolleyes: Hehe… :wink:

@cate archer: What happens if you open a .cue file with Nero? It should prompt you for the appropriate .bin…

Edit: OK thanks Seán :flower:; please take over… :iagree:

thanks for the help, i easily burnt 2 of the 3 CUE/BIN files to cd’s with the instructions.

the problem left is i have an extracted BIN file, and don’t have the original…
any way i create a BIN file back with the extracted files, like i make a RAR file?
i’d appreciate any suggestions.

So it’s time to read the forum rules…

Tough luck! You’re stuck with re-downloading 1.6GB :doh:

You could try to make an .ISO again from the extracted contents and re-name it as .BIN :wink: